Lennard (2018)

I had been running for years, mostly semi-marathons and 20-30 km trails, when I decided that this was the year I was going to do the Bouillonnante, a 50 km 2500mD+ slog in the Ardennes. Soon I realised that just putting in extra kms wouldn’t do and that I needed a step change in the way I approached my preparation. Bastien quickly grasped what needed to be done and provided me with a clear approach, reassurance and most of all a contagious motivation! Needless to say I completed the Bouillonante successfully. I highly recommend Bastien for his skills but also because he is a very pleasant person to work with.

Eva Annamaria (2018)

Preparing for my first 10 miles competition on my own, I felt like I had just hit a wall, so I contacted Bastien. He was really positive and enthusiastic right from the start, and his enthusiasm was contagious. He began teaching me proper running technique, which took me a few sessions to really get down. But with Bastien’s help and encouragement I persisted and stuck to the training plan. On racing day I felt great excitement, but also a sense of calm, because I knew exactly my strategy and I was going to follow it to the finish line. And so I did! I finished the race in and I cannot even describe the feeling when I reached the end – it was simply amazing. Not only did i succeed, but I feel like I’m just getting started…

Mette (2018)

When I had my first meeting with Bastien I was sceptical – who is this guy that loves taking the stairs to 10th floor and how will he ever be able to teach me to run? I literally could not run 50 meters to catch the bus, but with Bastien’s patience and gentle guiding I can now say that I actually feel a lot better in general and enjoy going out for a run. I think his professionalism and the fact that you can see that he enjoys his work is what makes him a good coach.

Bram (2017)

Dankzij Bastien heb ik mezelf heruitgevonden als loper. Onder zijn impuls ben ik gaan sleutelen aan mijn pasfrequentie en looptechniek. Het resultaat is een meer economische en efficiëntere loopstijl. Daardoor kan ik die zware loopschoenen links laten liggen en kiezen voor lichte, snelle schoenen. Heerlijk. Behalve op vlak van lopen heeft Bastien me ook enkele waardevolle voedingstips meegegeven.

Robin (2017)

Quel plaisir de sortir courir maintenant j’ai acquis la base des techniques de running grâce au coaching de Bastien. Les 5 mois de coaching que j’ai suivi avec lui m’ont permis d’atteindre les trois objectifs que je m’étais fixés : reprendre avec plaisir une activité physique régulière, perdre 5 kg et faire le semi-marathon de Bruxelles en moins de 1h54. Merci Bastien :-)!

Birgit (2017)

Dankzij Bastien ben ik gecontroleerd beginnen lopen. Bastien zorgt voor een goede persoonlijke follow-up met tips en tricks die echt nuttig zijn en variëren van persoon tot persoon.

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