Meet the coach


My passion is infectious

My name is Bastien and I’ve been a passionate runner for many years. It all started when I was a little and my mother told me to “run around the block” to calm down, and I never stopped since. Eight years ago I moved to Brussels, joining the legendary running club “CEPAL” first, and Brussels Sightjogging later on. Sometimes I do road races, but most of all I love trail running and running treks. The landscapes, the adventure, meeting new people, there’s nothing better!

Over the years I discovered the amazing opportunities of improving my running skills. I’ve always been running, but the biggest progress I made and the most pleasure I found, happened when I systematically started tweaking my running technique.

Recognized in my professional environment for my motivational skills, I decided to combine best both worlds: Coaching other people to discover the pleasure of a light and fluid pace, and eventually become better runners.

In Brussels I collaborate with:

  • Sports physiotherapist Christophe Ciavarella, based Avenue de Floréal, Uccle.
  • Jogging+, Specialist Running Shop, Rue du Luxembourg 6, 1000 Brussels.

My running CV

Running coach and managing partner at 3COACH.BE, multisports and health coaching company.

Certified “Moniteur Sportif Educateur” by ADEPS (2017)

Lactate Threshold Tests: Methodology as developed and instructed by Back to B.A.S.I.C.S. (workshop 2017)

Running Technique: Inspired by Running Smart (workshop 2014)

PR on 16K 0:56:58

PR on 20K 1:11:20

PR on Marathon 2:44:56

Winner of Trail de la Côte d’Opale 2012 (17K)

Winner of Singelcross Zaltbommel 2013 (10K)

Winner of Les Salles Trail en Haut Forez 2014 (25K)

Winner of Trail des Crêtes de l’Eau Noire 2015 (34K)

Winner of Trail de Wanzoul 2017 (21K)

Winner of Les Crêtes La Hulpoises 2017 (18K)

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