Brussels Sightjogging?

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Brussels Sightjogging ?

Who we are ?

Sightjogging is a combination of sightseeing and jogging.  This new and healthy way to discover cities is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.  You can now sightjog in New York, Tokyo, Prague, even Johannesburg, and of course: Brussels.

Brussels Sightjogging offers you standard and tailor-made running tours, to discover the many surprising faces of Brussels.

Come run with us and enjoy jogging in Brussels!

The way we jog, the languages we speak, our philosophy… In other words, who is behind the BSJ Team?

Because we are not alone, here are our official supporters. You’ll find the way to contact them and who they are.

There’s many things to say about us, and guess what, media knows it! You’ll find everything media says about us.