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Choose the tour, the date and the time and we’ll arrange your private guided sightjogging.

If you’re hotel is close to the running route, we’ll come and pick you up.


  • 1 person € 39
  • 2 people € 64
  • 3 people € 89
  • 4 people € 110
  • 5 people € 125

Students (<25 years) get a 30% discount.

Contact us at info@brusselssightjogging.com if you want to book for more than 5 people.

It is highly recommended to book your tour at least 24 hours in advance, as we have to contact our pool of guides to find a guide who’s available for you.
Feel free to book us on shorter notice, but be aware that by consequence there is a risk we won’t be able to guarantee the tour.

We have a preference for payments through Paypal, but other payment types can be agreed upon.

Book a Tour

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